5 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Return on Investment

Social media marketing campaigns aren’t optional for a business. Effective social media marketing now stands as essential for those hoping to generate sales via the internet. Don’t assume the high numbers of people on social media platforms means you can “do anything” on Facebook, Twitter, and the like and see strong sales. Dull campaigns won’t yield dynamic results. To get substantial returns on investment from social media marketing, think about implementing the following five tips:

1.) Write Great Intros on Any Content Shared

Social media content

You do want to stand out from others attempting to draw promotional attention to themselves. Everyone likes to share content on social media to maintain followers and generate engagement. Don’t let the shared content carry the whole show. Craft a nice intro that casts you in your company in a good light. “Worth reading” doesn’t come off as a compelling intro. Create engaging, humorous, informative, and persuasive intros. Doing so could create good impressions. Consumers like to buy from companies that make solid impressions.

2.) Time You Ad Buys to the Right Seasons

Ad Purchase


Randomly buying advertisements during the year creates a haphazard approach. With specific products and services, pending money all throughout the year can prove incredibly costly with no guarantees for a decent return. Determine what times of the year social media ad buys deliver strong results and increased capital. A fitness product or service, for example, may do well in January and February when people embrace all those New Year’s resolutions to get in shape.

3.) Measure and Track Analytics

Track Analytics

Analytical tracking tools reveal the “dollars and cents” of all campaigns. How much money have you put into your social media strategies? What do your earnings reflect in light of the investments? If things aren’t going so well, serious thought likely should go into making revisions to the strategy. A clear an honest review of measurements and analytics reveals the direction the campaign ventures. Sticking with something yielding mediocre results isn’t exactly financially beneficial.

4.) Resist the Urge to Spam

Resist the Urge to Spam

Yes, you want your social media channels to contain new and fresh content. You also need to make social media postings to be consistent. Inconsistent posting, commenting, and sharing doesn’t make a social media presence impressive. Going overboard with social media posting can prove disastrous. People don’t like to see their social media feeds loaded with daily promotional posts from the same business. Spamming turns people off to your business. Be judicious with your activity on social media. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing followers and vital capital. Losing followers means losing business.

5.) Invest in Social Media Customer Service Tools

Resist the Urge to Spam

Excellent customer service often helps a business immensely. Companies with large social media followings, however, may find it tough to stay on top of social media due to time and other constraints. The arrival of social media customer service tools may serve as a great assistance to these business owners/social media managers. A multitude of different tools arrived on the social media marketing landscape to offer assistance. Seek out the one that best supports your needs and goals.